Domokur Expands Camp Services

We view our clients as friends and partners. Our success is based on listening carefully to what they have to say and responding in a timely manner. In response to this feedback, we are delighted to announce that we are expanding our camp services to include visioning, financial/operational planning and fundraising support. Joining our team as a special consultant to support this expansion is David Phillips.

“We always want to add value to our client’s experience, so it was important to bring someone on-board who has specific expertise and practical knowledge in the camp environment” says Mike Domokur. Mike continues “While David understands architecture, he has been, on a hands-on basis, immersed at every level in the camp and not-for-profit world for 30 years. We are confident that his work with our clients will add value and result in better outcomes for our clients and those they serve.”

Widely-respected for his leadership skills, knowledge and approach to problem solving, David will be integral in shaping these new service offerings, and therefore further positioning Domokur Architects as the leader in the field of camp planning, design, and architecture. As we strive to deliver the best possible services and end-products to our clients, this expansion of our in-house capabilities is a natural evolution for our company.

“I am excited to work with the talented professionals at Domokur, as I share their passion for camping, and their desire to help clients realize their dreams and visions. I am also confident that Domokur Architects represents the best in the industry and am proud to be associated with this expansion as a special consultant” says David.