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How We Work

Your needs and goals always come first. Our unique approach involves working closely with you to deliver design solutions through an enjoyable process, ensuring expectations are met. Every project is different. However, here’s some insight into the stages of our design process.


Engage, Discover, Document

We believe listening produces higher-quality design and leads to deeper relationships. From the very first meeting, we listen. We discuss your program, scope of work, budget, and whatever else is important to you. In short, we work hard to understand exactly what you need.

We’ll then provide an overall project budget and map out a timeline for your project.


Evaluate, Prioritize, Align

We learn from listening to and hearing you. We analyze and define the requirements, then prioritize the needs to align with the budget, while incorporating your feedback along the way. Your project is unique, and so we’ll treat it according to what you need.


Orchestrate, Collaborate, Create

We lead you through the process. Our approach to work with you results in solutions that not only resolve the initial problem but also make the design process enjoyable and ensure expectations are met.

Working with the Domokur & Associates team is a collaborative experience. We encourage everyone’s input, and actively foster a sense of ownership among all those involved. We creatively help you solve any problems you have, and those you weren’t even aware of. Ultimately, we want to be of service to you.

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"They embrace challenges and tackle tough decisions head-on. Not only are they talented people, they also never missed a deadline. Ever."

The Domokur team has a terrific ability to listen. They did such a great job of really listening to what we said and making us feel heard. They are also truly creative. I know that there's a lot of science in what they do, but there's a lot of art and they have a vision.

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Aaron Selkow

Former Executive Director

Camp Harlam, Camp & Retreat Client

Testimonial Project Logo
Sarah Buell

Stark Parks
Projects and Administration Manager, Masterplan client

"We felt we were in good hands throughout the project and did not feel unsure at any stage of the project."

We felt we were in good hands throughout the project and did not feel unsure at any stage of the project. We felt their approach was organized, with a clear set of expectations from the kickoff meeting.