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Cassidy McCarthy

Cassidy McCarthy

Design Professional

2 Years Experience
2 Years with Domokur & Associates

Kent State University

Bachelor of Arts - Interior Design

Anticipated Graduation Spring 2024

Cassidy McCarthy

Design Professional

“In the design world, I am passionate about making clients needs come to life.”


Cassidy is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design at Kent State University.  She brings her passion for design and a unique blend of attributes to the team as a Part-Time Designer, assisting on projects throughout the firm.

Her design career path into architecture is a natural progression, and she hasn't looked back since. Inspired by a lifelong love for design and a family deeply rooted in construction, she finds inspiration in her father's influence and a personal commitment to doing good. Cassidy is described by her friends as loving, caring, smart, determined, and always wearing a smile. 

What sets Cassidy apart is her unwavering commitment to approaching challenges with an open mind. She thrives on being organized, detail-oriented, and outgoing, making her a personable and engaging team member. Her genuine care for others and their needs fuels her creative drive. Meaningful architecture, to Cassidy, involves designs that are meticulously thought out and tailored to meet clients' needs while offering a unique aesthetic.