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Hannah McCartney

Hannah McCartney

Interior Designer

8 Years Experience
1 Year with Domokur & Associates

Bachelor of Arts - Interior Design

Kent State University

Hannah McCartney

Interior Designer

“Learning from each project makes the next more meaningful."


Hannah McCartney is an experienced designer with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Kent State University and NCIDQ certification.  She brings a unique blend of skills to her role at Domokur & Associates with expertise that spans a wide range of experiences, from retail to museum design, and even hospitality and civil projects.

Hannah has meticulous attention to detail and cross-functionally supports the firm on a variety of tasks. She's a natural taskmaster, efficiently tracking and prioritizing responsibilities. Her approach to design is inherently client-focused, ensuring that every solution is functional, comprehensive, and tailored to individual needs.

Passionate about sustainability, Hannah actively promotes eco-friendly practices within the industry, aiming to make sustainable design accessible to all. Her friends describe her as outgoing, helpful, and kind, all attributes that shine in her collaborative work environment. Outside of work, she enjoys reading and crocheting, especially under the warm sun.


Q&A with Hannah: 

What is your favorite simple recipe?

Anything with a crockpot.

What are a few items on your Bucket List?

Traveling to Scotland and Ireland and driving across Route 66.

What is your favorite place to go camping or vacation?

I love the Carolinas!  Not too hot, not too cold.