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Jennifer Callewaert

Jennifer Callewaert

Design Professional

1 Year Experience
1 Year with Domokur & Associates

Bachelor of Science in Architecture


Kent State University

Jennifer Callewaert

Design Professional

“Architecture is all about the people that inhabit it and its environment.”


Jennifer is an aspiring architect known for her exceptional organizational skills, unwavering persistence, and problem-solving abilities. With a keen focus on project needs and direction, she strives to deliver successful outcomes.

Driven by a deep passion for design that is not only functional but also purposeful for each individual client and the surrounding environment, Jennifer is dedicated to creating spaces that make a meaningful impact. She believes in a client-centered approach, listening attentively to ensure her projects are a direct response to their unique needs.  Her approach allows her to curate spaces that foster community growth and provide comfort to all who interact with them.

Jennifer possesses a thirst for knowledge and is always eager to learn and adapt. She embraces challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth, demonstrating a true passion for her craft. With her commitment to purposeful design and her dedication to creating spaces that facilitate growth and comfort, Jennifer is poised to make valuable contributions to the field of architecture.


Q&A with Jennifer: 

What’s your favorite line from any movie?

“You is smart, you is kind, you is important” – The Help

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Playing tennis and volleyball with friends

What are a few items on your Bucket List? 

Drive the Iceland ring road, travel to the UK and Scotland, and Skydive.