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Jessica Gaone

Jessica Gaone

Registered Architect / Project Manager / Sustainability Coordinator / Principal

19 Years Experience
19 Years with Domokur & Associates
Key Projects:

Forest Preserves of Cook County – Multi-site Campground Planning, Development and Renovation

Camp Young Judaea – Master Plan and Architecture

ODNR – Multiple Projects


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design 

Master of Architecture 



American Camping Association (ACA) Visitor


Kent State University 

Jessica Gaone 

Registered Architect / Project Manager / Sustainability Coordinator / Principal

“Look to nature and history for the most fundamental forms of inspiration.”


Jessica is a problem solver. She’s thorough and looks at a problem from different perspectives before coming up with a solution. 

She is passionate about her work but also pragmatic about sustainability - it has to be logical and have an impact, either for people, the planet or for profit. 

Jessica approaches architecture by understanding a client’s goals first and then the parameters. This influences her process to create functional and meaningful designs that relate to the site, people, and history. From designing to code reviews, Jessica is also responsible for sustainability assessments and providing internal support for Business Development, Marketing and Human Resources.

Focused on quality and precision, Jessica is a hard worker that takes pride in a job well done. 



Q&A with Jessica: 

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Can’t pick just one! Hiking, backyard bonfires, kayaking, and swimming are some of my favorites.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

A well cared for, indoor/outdoor cat. They sure know how to enjoy themselves and can sleep so peacefully.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Being a mom