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Margaret Kontur

Margaret Kontur

Design Professional


Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Anticipated Graduation Spring 2024)


Kent State University

Margaret Kontur

Design Professional

“If I seem to wander, if I seem to stray, remember that true stories seldom take the straightest way.” Patrick Rothfuss, “The Name of the Wind”


Margaret is an aspiring architect currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Kent State University. Driven by a strong dedication to her craft, she is committed to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field.

With a passion for continuous learning, Margaret eagerly seeks out new information and actively engages in discussions to broaden her understanding of architecture. She thrives on absorbing insights from seasoned architects and construction professionals, using their expertise to refine her own abilities.

Having gained valuable experience as an apprentice to various construction professionals, Margaret brings a unique perspective to her architectural pursuits. Her hands-on background in construction provides her with practical insights that further enrich her understanding of the field.

In her architectural endeavors, Margaret is driven by a commitment to sustainability and realism. She aims to create designs that balance environmental responsibility with the practical needs of workers and clients. Additionally, she recognizes the importance of fostering clear communication between all stakeholders involved in the construction process, enabling a collaborative and harmonious environment.

With a passion for growth, a solid foundation in construction, and a dedication to sustainable and communicative design, Margaret is poised to make a positive impact as an architect in the future.


Q&A with Margaret: 

What is the last concert you’ve been to, if any?

The last concert that I went to was in 2018. My brother and I went to see Jon Bellion in Cleveland. 

What’s your favorite line from any movie?

“What do you think I am, dumb or something?” – Lina Lamont, Singing in the Rain

What’s been your favorite vacation that you’ve ever taken?

My favorite vacation was a trip to Nashville, TN. I really liked exploring the historical sectors and there were a ton of really good food places. We also got to go line dancing and listen to live music, which was a great experience.