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Matthew English

Matthew English

Interior Designer

1 Year Experience
1 Year with Domokur & Associates

Kent State University

Bachelor of Arts - Interior Design

Matthew English

Interior Designer

“To me, Architecture is inhabitable art.”


Matthew is a Design Professional with a unique background in interior design. His day-to-day responsibilities involve working with project managers, where he brings his creative style to every task. His approach to design is client-centric and rooted in active listening and collaboration to translate clients' visions into tangible, inhabitable art.

His personal strengths lie in his exceptional organizational skills and passion for efficiency. Matthew is driven by a profound dedication to designing spaces that authentically represent the client's brand and identity. He is equally committed to ensuring that these spaces are designed with thoughtful consideration for their impact on the environment and society at large.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Matthew is an avid traveler, having explored 20+ countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Q&A with Matthew: 

What Olympic event would you like to participate in the most?

Downhill Skiing

What is your favorite simple recipe?

No Bake Cookies

What food is underrated or underappreciated? 

Mediterranean Food