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Westfield Bank

Corporate Operations Center

Bringing flexible, light, and transparent spaces into an existing office building for Westfield Bank

Project Details


Westfield Bank approached Domokur & Associates to plan an interior renovation for an existing two-story office administration building in Seville, OH. They viewed the project as an opportunity to consolidate their administrative functions under one roof. We worked closely with the Bank’s administrative team and developed a strategic design layout to accommodate their needs within the constraints of the existing structure. We presented several layout options, from which one was chosen, developed, and executed.


We listened to the Bank’s desires and developed a conceptual strategy to meet their expectations. Three key ideas of flexibility, natural light, and transparency drove the floor plan layouts and materials selections. The Bank wanted a mix of enclosed and open office workspaces that worked together in a cohesive way. We therefore incorporated glass walls and strategically designed the floor layouts to allow natural light to filter into all spaces and make otherwise opaque boundaries transparent.


Approaching the task from a ‘nuts and bolts’ perspective, we maximized the use of all floorplates by including open-plan and flexible working spaces. These included adaptable and informal meeting and seating areas nestled alongside wider circulation spaces. We also included private and semi-private huddle spaces, as well as an exciting lunchroom with a variety of seating layouts. Wood plank ceiling panels were used to help define and promote circulation, while the Bank’s corporate colors and brand were used to reinforce their identity. The Bank consolidated all its administrative functions within the new building layout, and we continue to receive positive feedback on the success of the project.